Sexual History,what makes us tick?

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Sexual History,what makes us tick? Empty Sexual History,what makes us tick?

Post  godivacub on Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:41 am

Please forgive the title having no intent to plagiarise or make a re-hash of the book,"A history of Sexuality" by Michel Foucault. This post is merely an attempt to highlight the history of sex as a subject for anyone who wishes to post their own findings of historical accounts on the subject of sex in literature or philosophy.
Lets go back to Michel Focault who you may have guessed by the name was a French philosopher,historian and writer and is highly thought of in the social sciences and human nature during the 20th century. However we could discuss here many other era's that Michel Focault may have not focussed on such as in religious books like the Bible in an idea of the first time literally in Genesis 4:1,"The man had intercourse with his wife Eve and she concieved and gave birth to Cain". From this account be it an analogy or reality we could discuss the more modern age of such 21st century Monarchs like King Carl Gustaf of Sweden who apparently was reported to enjoy wild sex parties with strippers and affairs galore. The intent of sex in history becomes interesting here from the clash of two different people being Adam and King Gustaf. With Adam it was merely to reproduce and King Gustaf was more of a pleasure trip. In the case for sex we may have our own philosophy on how we approach sex in a NSA way which could be because we want to experiment and do something out of the ordinary or the feeling of just getting bored with nothing happening in life to drive us to wanting a sensual high as it is exciting and immediate. Perhaps King Gustaf was worried about his personal image of looking boring in his 60s even though he had Queen Silvia it was obviously not fulfilling enough lol. Laughing

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